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Acer P1557Ki

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Acer P1157i

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Acer P1257i projector - 4500 lumens, XGA (1024x768) resolution, 4:3 format, DLP, built-in wireless connectivity

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Acer Reliability Promise

Experience the perfect projector for your meeting room with the new P1 Series! Thanks to 4,500 ANSI lumens, you can experience clear projection even in daylight. In addition to increased brightness, you'll now experience wireless projection, making tangled cables a thing of the past. 1.3x zoom, image shift, and automatic keystone correction make image setup a breeze. For long meetings, BluelightShield protects your eyes from harmful blue light for maximum productivity.

Hidden Dongle Design

Acer Hidden Port Design: The Acer Hidden Port allows you to integrate a compatible wireless adapter without external limitations. The adapter integrates seamlessly into the case, maintaining a stylish design with no rough edges.

Auto Shutdown

The Auto Shutdown function automatically shuts down the Acer projector, if no input signal is received after a preset time.
This function can be set individually via the menu and helps to save power and lamp hours.

PIN Security

Acer PIN Security provides the ability to set a PIN to protect the Acer projector from unauthorized use and theft. A lost PIN can only be reset by the Acer Service after ownership verification.

Wall Color Compensation

Wall-Color Compensation: Best image quality enables wall color correction on colored projection surfaces such as blackboards and wallpaper. 5 optimised wall colours can be compensated easily and without any further settings via the menu for best picture quality.

Installation menu

With the help of the installation menu, the Acer projector can be perfectly aligned with the surface to be projected in no time at all. The Installation menu can be accessed by pressing the Menu button even if no source is connected to the projector.

Acer LumiSense

Acer LumiSense technology uses an ambient light sensor to detect brightness in the projection environment and adjust brightness and color saturation accordingly. In addition, Acer LumiSense also analyzes the projected image and dynamically optimizes the quality of the displayed image.

Top Loading Lamp Design

The Top-Loading Lamp design allows for easy lamp replacement without having to disconnect the Acer projector from the bracket when installing overhead via the top of the cabinet. The replacement is comparable to changing an energy-saving lamp.

Original 24p

Experience true cinema at 24 frames per second. The Acer Blu-Ray projector reproduces films in the original cinema format as they were shot on the film set. See 24p movies through the eyes of the director.

Acer Smart Format Technology

Acer SmartFormat technology supports a wide range of input signals, eliminating the need for switching on your notebook/PC, DVD player and receiver. Signals up to 1080p can be received by Acer ColorBoost projectors with HDMI* using Acer SmartFormat technology and can be played back in compressed form. *Depends on model


HDMI 3D: The integrated HDMI 1.4a standard allows 3D content to be transferred from suitable playback devices such as 3D Blu-ray players, 3D set-top boxes and 3D game consoles without the need for an additional PC. For example, Acer 3D shutter glasses Bluray 3D movies and 3D TV shows can be viewed in your living room up to 7.62 meters (300") diagonal.

24/7 Operation

This projector promises maximum reliability and delivers a brilliant image even in 24/7 continuous use.* Especially for signage applications, but also for exhibitions in museums or similar, this projector can be used without any worries. * Acer recommends that the projector is switched to standby mode for 30 minutes every 7 days.

Bluelight Shield

BluelightShield allows users to lower levels of blue light to lessen the negative effects of blue light exposure. There are three levels of filter in projector suitable for different scenario. Each level also contains dynamic mechanism that will optimize the blue light level based on content. BluelightShield can reduces up to 30% blue light and protect your eyes.

Customizable startup screen

The Customizable Startup Screen allows you to create an individual startup screen per screenshot. This startup screen, no matter if it is the business user's company logo or a home user's favorite photo, is automatically displayed when the projector is started.

Automatic Keystone Correction

Thanks to the automatic vertical keystone correction, the Acer projector automatically compensates for trapezoidal distortion if the projector is not positioned exactly vertically and projects a rectangular image.

Auto Ceiling Mount Correction

Auto Ceiling-Mount Correction: The builtin gravity sensor in the Acer projector detects when the projector is mounted overhead on a ceiling and automatically rotates the projection 180° without any additional menu adjustments.

AC Power On

With the AC Power On function, the projector is able to turn on automatically when the projector is powered. You no longer need to turn on the projector separately, but can start the projector directly, for example by turning on the power in the meeting room.

Wireless Projection

Acer Wireless Projection: Never lay cables again! The included Acer Wireless Adapter allows you to project wirelessly and saves you the hassle of laying HDMI or VGA cables.* Project content from your notebook, smartphone or tablet in seconds without any loss of quality! * Depending on model. If the Acer Wireless Adapter is already included with your projector, you can find it in the "Optional Accessory" section.

Acer Color Safe II

Acer ColorSafe II guarantees consistent, brilliant and natural color projection throughout the life of the projector. This is ensured by the use of DLP® technology and a 5-year warranty on the DLP® chip.
Projectors without DLP® technology experience a decrease in colour brilliance over time.

More Information
Brightness (lumens)4500
Aspect Ratio4:3
Throw Ratio1.51 - 1.97:1
Contrast Ratio20.000:1
Light SourceLamp
Light-source life5,000 Hours (Standard), 10,000 Hours (ECO), 15,000 Hours (ExtremeEco)
Keystone+/-40° (Vertical, Manual & Auto)
ConnectivityHDMI in, VGA in, VGA out, USB (power), Composite RCA, Audio in (3.5mm jack), Audio out (3.5mm jack), Wireless (built-in), RS232
FeaturesWireless (built-in)
Dimensions299.5 x 220 x 105.1 mm
Weight (kg)2.400000
Noise Level26/31dB
Warranty3 years

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