BenQ TEY21 Slot-in PC - i5

BenQ TEY21 Slot-in PC - i5

BenQ TEY21 Slot-in PC - i7

BenQ Intel® Core™ i7 OPS slot-in PC - TEY21-i7 - 8Gb RAM, 128Gb storage

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A slot-in PC designed for compatibility
  • - Processor: Intel® 10th Gen Core™ i7
  • - 8 GB RAM
  • - 128 GB storage
  • - Multiple ports for data and network connectivity

Unleash your display’s full potential

Increase the computing power of your 4K displays by plugging in the TEY21-i7 slot in PC. It lets you use your displays for multiple applications without the need of external devices such as laptops or phones.


Same Windows, bigger frame

Operate Windows on a larger, more collaborative canvas. The TEY21-i7 turns your BenQ display into a powerful Windows device, giving you all the features and functionalities you’re familiar with. You can start meetings or learning sessions even without a laptop or mobile device.

Run two operating systems on the same screen

Multitasking gets much easier when you can run two systems on a single large-format screen. Connecting the TEY21-i7 to your DuoBoard or CS display allows you to use both Android and Windows at the same time through Duo OS mode.

Multiple ways to connect and transfer data

The TEY21-i7 comes with several ports that allow you to connect to a wide range of external devices and peripherals, including dongles, hard drives, and audiovisual equipment.

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