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  1. Wireless collaboration solutions

    Technology is an integral part of our daily lives, whether it's at home or at work, entertaining us, keeping us connected and informed, helping us to communicate and complete tasks. But technology can also be frustrating sometimes: devices not pairing or connecting to the wireless network, cables in a tangled mess, difficulties with sharing content and having to swap cables between colleagues etc. Nobody likes wasting half of a meeting or sales presentation trying to get the tech that is supposed to help us to simply work.

    Wireless collaboration systems are designed to simplify presentations and collaboration, getting you ready for your sales pitch or team meeting quickly and easily.

    What are wireless collaboration systems?

    Wireless collaboration systems enable one or multiple presenters to easily share information from their own devices to a display wirelessly,

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  2. NEW Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema screen

    In home entertainment there is little more impressive than a large image that is sharp, vibrant and with high contrast.

    While OLED televisions lead the way in terms of dark blacks and vibrant colours, it is not always easy to achieve a truly large image, either because of the space available – not everyone has a lounge large enough for an 85" diagonal TV - or simply the cost. This is why projectors are a firm favourite for the big screen experience thanks to their compact size and lower cost per diagonal inch of image compared to televisions.

    In the past couple of years, the popularity of ultra-short throw projectors designed for home cinema has rocketed. With only a few centimetres of projection distance needed, they can be placed on a cabinet below the screen making installation much easier and more discreet.
    The downside i

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  3. What is the difference between the various Smart Board interactive flat panel series for education?

    Most people working in education will be familiar with interactive technology.
    Almost 30 years ago, interactive whiteboards started to replace traditional whiteboards and blackboards in schools and the most commonly found manufacturer of interactive whiteboards in the UK was SMART with their Smart Boards.
    Today, interactive whiteboards are gradually being replaced with interactive flat panels and SMART continue to be a very popular choice thanks to their range of touch screen displays.

    The current range of SMART Board interactive flat panels for education includes the MX series, the 6000 series and the new 6000S and 7000R

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  4. How to protect employees and customers as the country opens to a new normal?

    The government have reviewed social distancing rules and reduced the 2m-rule to 1m allowing more schools, businesses and the hospitality industry to consider re-opening as soon as possible.
    As some schools have started to welcome more pupils and businesses see customers and staff back, the safety of everyone is a main concern.

    How do we limit the risks of spreading viruses and put adequate measures in place to protect employees, visitors and pupils?

    Along with self-isolating if you have symptoms and practicing good respiratory hygiene, to protect yourself and others the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend:

    • regular hand cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or water and soap
    • maintaining at least 1m distance between yourself
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  5. Store, Charge and Sync Equipment for Healthcare

    Healthcare organisations are using technology to improve efficiency as well as patient care.
    Tools like iPads and tablets are widely used in hospitals and ensuring they are ready to go at the start of a shift and last all day is important.

    LapCabby have recently helped Ipswich Hospital in finding the perfect solution to manage their large fleet of iPads.
    After a 2-week trial, the DeskCabby was found to be the ideal store and charge device for them.
    You can read the Ipswitch Hospital case study on the LapCabby website.

    LapCabby DeskCabby Charge & Sync

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