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  1. Epson's Fight Against AuKing's Misleading Brightness Claims

    Earlier this month, Epson announced that a default judgement had been entered in its lawsuit against AuKing, a top-selling brand on Amazon in the United States.

    Epson are committed to the implementation of internationally recognised and accepted brightness standards to ensure customers can make informed decisions when purchasing a new projector.
    Failing to follow standardised methods to measure projectors' brightness and using misleading terms such as "Lamp Brightness", "Lux" or "LED Lumens" rather than the recognised "Lumens" as defined by ISO 21118:2020 and IDMS 15.4, impacts on customers' ability to compare models and actual projector performance.

    As cited by Epson, testing found that one of the projectors AuKing claimed to be 9.500 lumens actually measured at less than 1% of that, or lower than 95 lumens.

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  2. Epson The Big Cashback Promotion - Claim up to £350 Cashback

    Epson's Big Cashback promotion is live and you can claim up to £350 cashback!

    Epson The Big Cashback Promotion Epson The Big Cashback Promotion

    To qualify for this promo, you need to:

    1. Purchase a qualifying projector (list below) from Purple Cat between 16.10.2023 and 31.03.2024
    2. Register your details wi
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  3. Acer Reliability Promise Continues On P Series Projectors

    Last year Acer were so confident in the quality of their P Series projectors that they offered a 100% refund of the purchase price of these projectors, should they become faulty within a year of purchase. 
    Not only would the projector be repaired under warranty, you could also claim a full refund!

    We are now pleased to announce that Acer have renewed their Reliability Promise scheme for another year.

    Acer Reliability Promise 2023 Acer Reliability Promise 2023
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  4. The Meeting Owl 3 is out! What's new compared to the Meeting Owl Pro?

    The new Meeting Owl 3 is now out and ready to ship, but what's new on the latest Owl Labs All-in-One video conferencing system?

    If you have used the Meeting Owl Pro before, you will be familiar with the design and 360° view of the room. The Meeting Owl 3 has the same look and feel as the Meeting Owl Pro but features some key improvements.

    Improved Intelligence System

    The Meeting Owl 3 features an enhanced operating system: the Owl Intelligence System. It uses artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning to focus automatically on the speaker in a meeting.

    Improvements include faster and smoother speaker transitions, better zooming capabilities, greater accuracy in highlighting the speaker and better recognition of speakers who are quieter, further away or wearing masks.
    Sound equalization has also been improved to automatically adjust for louder and quieter voices as well as for the voices of remote meeting participants.


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  5. Acer Reliability Promise On P Series Projectors

    When choosing a new projector, it is important to consider build quality and reliability to reduce the risks of your projection system letting you down when you need it for an important presentation or lesson.

    Well known projector manufacturers ensure their products are built to a high standard and able to perform as expected again and again, however for peace of mind they always include a warranty for the rare occasions when one of their projectors develops a fault. 
    Many models are covered for two or three years or even longer. If your projector becomes faulty during the warranty period, it will either be repaired or replaced depending on the terms and conditions.

    Now Acer have gone even further: they are so confident in the quality of their products, they are offering the Acer Reliability Promise on their P Series projectors.

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  6. New Sony 4K Laser Home Cinema Projectors

    At the end of April Sony announced two new additions to their home cinema projector range.

    Available to pre-order now, the new VPL-XW5000ES and VPL-XW7000ES models are native 4K SXRD laser projectors and they are impressive!

    Sony VPL-XW5000ES (White)
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  7. SMART Notebook Update - version 22

    SMART have announced changes to the SMART Notebook software name, coming into effect from 1st June 2022 with version 22.

    Currently, customers subscribing to SMART Learning Suite have access to Lumio (SMART's online digital learning tool) and the full version of SMART Notebook while customers without a subscription have access to the free SMART Notebook basic software.

    In the version 22 of SMART Notebook, the basic subscription-free software will now be known as SMART Notebook and the paid subscription version will be renamed SMART Notebook Plus.
    This change is to more accurately reflect the enhancements included in the subscription based version of the software such as tool add-ons and access to web-based features.

    Do I need to do anything with my existing software?

    The good news is you don't need to do anything.

    If you currently subscribe to SMART Learning Suite, you don't need a new subscription and the renewal process remains the same. You

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  8. NEW SMART Board 6000S & MX V3 Series Interactive Flat Panels

    SMART have introduced the next evolution of iQ-enabled SMART Board® with the new 6000S and MX V3 series of interactive displays for education and business.

    What's new in the SMART Board MX series V3?

    SMART Board MX Series V3 SMART Board MX Series V3

    The latest version of the

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  9. Viewsonic's new ViewBoard 52 Series

    Building on the success of the 50-3 Series, Viewsonic announced in June 2021 the lauch of the ViewBoard 52 Series interactive displays.
    With stock expected to be available in the UK this winter, let's have a look at the enhanced features and updated specifications on the 52 Series panels.

    About the ViewBoard 52 Series

    Viewsonic 52 Series ViewBoard

    Available in sizes 65", 75" and 86" diagonal, the 52 Series has been designed for classrooms and to improve the learning and teaching experience. Operating on Android 9.0, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux with full touch input functionality allowing you to use the software you know.

    Designed for teachers

    The ViewBoard 52 Series has a user-centric design with shortcut keys and front facing I/O

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  10. What are hybrid meetings and what do you need to start?

    Over the past year the Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to adapt, adopting remote working where possible to keep employees and others safe.
    As we slowly return to work in offices, some of the changes made during lockdown are being integrated to create new ways of working and now hybrid meetings are being adopted by many companies.

    What is a hybrid meeting?

    Hybrid working and hybrid meetings combine on-site and remote participation allowing employees to carry out their work from anywhere. Hybrid meetings will have attendees in a meeting room working together with remote participants who may be working from home, from a different office or from anywhere else, using video conferencing and remote collaboration tools.

    Hybrid meetings equipment

    For hybrid meetings to be a good alternative to traditional in-person meetings, you need to ensure the right equipment and systems are in place so remote participants can contribute and participate effectively

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