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  1. New Sony Native 4K Home Cinema Projectors Announced

    Following last year's launch of the VPL-VW590ES and VPL-VW790ES, Sony have now announced two new 4K home cinema models. The new VPL-VW290ES is replacing the popular VPL-VW270ES and the new VPL-VW890ES replaces the VPL-VW870ES.

    Sony VPL-VW290ES and VPL-VW890ES projectors

    In line with the recently launched models, the two new models build up on their predecessors and now also feature the X1 processor, based on technology used in BRAVIA televisions and optimised for projection.
    The X1 processor combines technologies for high precision frame analysis with Dynamic HDR Enhancer and Super Resolution Reality Creation for a high-quality picture.

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  2. NEW LapCabby GO2+ 6-device charging case

    The LapCabby GO2 device charging case has been a popular store and charge solution thanks to its portable, light and compact design.
    Now LapCabby have released the new and improved GO2+ 6-device portable AC charging case.

    LapCabby GO2 Plus case

    The LapCabby GO2+ case is designed to store and charge up to 6 devices including laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, mobile phones, POS devices, PDAs, VR headsets, scanners, e-readers and more (up to 15.6" screen size) in vertical compartments.

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  3. SMART Tool Explorer Technology – Bridging the gap between physical and digital world

    In a previous post about the various SMART Board interactive flat panel series, we brushed on the addition of ToolSense technology on the 6000S series.

    ToolSense, which is now known as Tool Explorer technology enables users to use real world objects to annotate or interact with the digital content on screen in instinctive yet new ways, capturing and keeping the interest of pupils to ensure they remain engaged in lessons.




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  4. Wireless collaboration solutions

    Technology is an integral part of our daily lives, whether it's at home or at work, entertaining us, keeping us connected and informed, helping us to communicate and complete tasks. But technology can also be frustrating sometimes: devices not pairing or connecting to the wireless network, cables in a tangled mess, difficulties with sharing content and having to swap cables between colleagues etc. Nobody likes wasting half of a meeting or sales presentation trying to get the tech that is supposed to help us to simply work.

    Wireless collaboration systems are designed to simplify presentations and collaboration, getting you ready for your sales pitch or team meeting quickly and easily.

    What are wireless collaboration systems?

    Wireless collaboration systems enable one or multiple presenters to easily share information from their own devices to a display wirelessly,

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  5. NEW Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema screen

    In home entertainment there is little more impressive than a large image that is sharp, vibrant and with high contrast.

    While OLED televisions lead the way in terms of dark blacks and vibrant colours, it is not always easy to achieve a truly large image, either because of the space available – not everyone has a lounge large enough for an 85" diagonal TV - or simply the cost. This is why projectors are a firm favourite for the big screen experience thanks to their compact size and lower cost per diagonal inch of image compared to televisions.

    In the past couple of years, the popularity of ultra-short throw projectors designed for home cinema has rocketed. With only a few centimetres of projection distance needed, they can be placed on a cabinet below the screen making installation much easier and more discreet.
    The downside i

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