1. How to protect employees and customers as the country opens to a new normal?

    The government have reviewed social distancing rules and reduced the 2m-rule to 1m allowing more schools, businesses and the hospitality industry to consider re-opening as soon as possible.
    As some schools have started to welcome more pupils and businesses see customers and staff back, the safety of everyone is a main concern.

    How do we limit the risks of spreading viruses and put adequate measures in place to protect employees, visitors and pupils?

    Along with self-isolating if you have symptoms and practicing good respiratory hygiene, to protect yourself and others the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend:

    • regular hand cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or water and soap
    • maintaining at least 1m distance between yourself
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  2. Social distancing and image size

    While measures designed to slow down the spread of coronavirus are starting to ease a little, social distancing is likely to be needed for some time yet to try and prevent further peaks.
    But how practical is it in the workplace and in schools? Now, more than ever, display size matters.

    Schools and classrooms

    According to the current guidance, classrooms will need to be rearranged to allow pupils to remain 2 meters apart and classes should have no more than 15 pupils.
    To implement these measures, schools will need to use all the space available and many pupils may have to sit further away from the front of the classroom or to the sides.

    With pupils further back or on the sides, how do we ensure they can still clearly see

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