1. NEW Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema screen

    In home entertainment there is little more impressive than a large image that is sharp, vibrant and with high contrast.

    While OLED televisions lead the way in terms of dark blacks and vibrant colours, it is not always easy to achieve a truly large image, either because of the space available – not everyone has a lounge large enough for an 85" diagonal TV - or simply the cost. This is why projectors are a firm favourite for the big screen experience thanks to their compact size and lower cost per diagonal inch of image compared to televisions.

    In the past couple of years, the popularity of ultra-short throw projectors designed for home cinema has rocketed. With only a few centimetres of projection distance needed, they can be placed on a cabinet below the screen making installation much easier and more discreet.
    The downside i

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  2. Outdoor Home Cinema Tips

    We are currently enjoying one of the sunniest and driest spring on record in the UK so there is no better time to enjoy our gardens and outdoor spaces.

    A great way to give the family some fresh air and entertain outdoors is to create an outdoor cinema.

    Outdoor cinema

    To ensure you get the best experience, follow our quick tips and check out our recommendations below.


    What equipment do I need for my outdoor cinema?

    To create a cinema in your garden, you will need a projector

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  3. Social distancing and image size

    While measures designed to slow down the spread of coronavirus are starting to ease a little, social distancing is likely to be needed for some time yet to try and prevent further peaks.
    But how practical is it in the workplace and in schools? Now, more than ever, display size matters.

    Schools and classrooms

    According to the current guidance, classrooms will need to be rearranged to allow pupils to remain 2 meters apart and classes should have no more than 15 pupils.
    To implement these measures, schools will need to use all the space available and many pupils may have to sit further away from the front of the classroom or to the sides.

    With pupils further back or on the sides, how do we ensure they can still clearly see

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  4. All about projector lamps

    You may be confused about all the options available for projector lamps, or you may not know that there are more than one option.

    This is why we have created a guide and a quick video, all about projector lamps, to explain the differences between lamp types and answer some common questions such has how long should a lamp last or how to help them last as long as possible.

    Click here to check out our projector lamp guide or watch our quick video below.


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  5. Do I really need a projector screen?

    So, you have spent some time researching projectors and their features, comparing models and prices, maybe talked to a few specialists, and after careful consideration, you have found the perfect one.
    It makes perfect sense to devote time into finding the right projector to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

    This is often when the next question comes up: do you really need to spend more money on a projector screen?
    After all, you only need a white background to project on to, the wall will be fine, right?

    Well, not quite.

    Yes, you can project on to a wall and see an image. It may even be an okay image that is watchable. But it won't be the best you can get from the projector you have spent valuable time researching and paid

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