Store & Charge

  1. NEW LapCabby GO2+ 6-device charging case

    The LapCabby GO2 device charging case has been a popular store and charge solution thanks to its portable, light and compact design.
    Now LapCabby have released the new and improved GO2+ 6-device portable AC charging case.

    LapCabby GO2 Plus case

    The LapCabby GO2+ case is designed to store and charge up to 6 devices including laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, mobile phones, POS devices, PDAs, VR headsets, scanners, e-readers and more (up to 15.6" screen size) in vertical compartments.

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  2. Store, Charge and Sync Equipment for Healthcare

    Healthcare organisations are using technology to improve efficiency as well as patient care.
    Tools like iPads and tablets are widely used in hospitals and ensuring they are ready to go at the start of a shift and last all day is important.

    LapCabby have recently helped Ipswich Hospital in finding the perfect solution to manage their large fleet of iPads.
    After a 2-week trial, the DeskCabby was found to be the ideal store and charge device for them.
    You can read the Ipswitch Hospital case study on the LapCabby website.

    LapCabby DeskCabby Charge & Sync

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