The government have reviewed social distancing rules and reduced the 2m-rule to 1m allowing more schools, businesses and the hospitality industry to consider re-opening as soon as possible.
As some schools have started to welcome more pupils and businesses see customers and staff back, the safety of everyone is a main concern.

How do we limit the risks of spreading viruses and put adequate measures in place to protect employees, visitors and pupils?

Along with self-isolating if you have symptoms and practicing good respiratory hygiene, to protect yourself and others the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend:

  • regular hand cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or water and soap
  • maintaining at least 1m distance between yourself and others
  • avoiding crowded spaces

Shops, corporate organisations and schools can help reduce the risks posed by the current Covid-19 pandemic by implementing several measures.

Hand cleaning stations

Encourage regular hand cleaning by installing hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrances and exits of each building, as well as in high traffic areas throughout your premises.
Automated, touch free dispensers are ideal as they dispense a measured dose of hand sanitiser without contact, further reducing the spread of germs and viruses.
Digital signage screens with integrated dispenser are a great dual-purpose tool to promote hand hygiene while displaying up to date messages or advertising events, products and services.

Digital Signage screen with hand sanitiser dispenser

Protective Screens

Maintaining at least 1m distance between people is recommended but you can further reduce the risk of spreading viruses by using protective screens.

Protective screen partition

Desk top protective screens are ideal for point of sale or reception desks as they are see-through and allow communication between staff and customers or visitors while creating a physical barrier for micro droplets released when talking.
They can also be used between desks and workstation in open space offices or workshops to increase protection for employees.

Floor standing or mobile screens are perfect for high traffic areas like waiting rooms, hallways, waiting lines or even restaurants and cafes.
Mobile screens can easily be moved to different areas as and when the need arises. And some models are linkable so you can create a clear wall to separate areas without feeling closed-in.

Visitor and Staff Management

Maintaining enough distance between people is important but more difficult indoors where space may be limited. Effective visitor management systems can help.

Limiting the number of customers in shops and leisure areas will help by making more space available for each customer to browse and move around safely.
While it may be easier to manage in smaller shops where less than a dozen customers are allowed in at a time, in larger stores or museums for example, it is difficult to keep track of people coming in and out.
An automated people counting system with a count display to regulate the flow of visitors is an easy and effective way of managing the number of people in your shop.

In organisations with large offices, warehouses, factories etc. where large numbers of employees are working together or in relatively close contact, preventing an outbreak can be a major concern.
Monitoring employees and visitors for possible symptoms before they get into contact with other employees can help reduce these risks and a quick and easy way of doing this is with an automated facial recognition and temperature checking system.
One of the common symptoms of Covid-19 is an elevated temperature; the contactless temperature checking system can read a person’s temperature and display the results in 1.8 seconds, even if they are wearing a mask and, if need be, the appropriate measures can be followed.

Temperature monitoring system

Equipment Cleaning

Along with good hand hygiene and effective visitor management systems in place, regular cleaning is essential to reduce the risks of spreading germs and viruses.
While cleaning door handles, floors and furniture is straight forward and already part of the standard cleaning routine, cleaning AV and IT product needs to be done carefully as not to damage the equipment.

As with any electric equipment, always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and if necessary, contact the manufacturer for further advice.
Some manufacturers suggest the use of 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol to disinfect some of their equipment, however always follow the advice of your specific equipment's manufacturer rather than general advice from other manufacturers or third-party online resources.

We supply equipment-specific cleaning products such as whiteboard cleaning fluid and device and screen cleaner which are suitable for regular gentle cleaning.

Some manufacturers have published their guidelines and you can find the links below:

To order any of the equipment mentioned above, please check our website here or if you need further advice call us on 01924 278464.