In home entertainment there is little more impressive than a large image that is sharp, vibrant and with high contrast.

While OLED televisions lead the way in terms of dark blacks and vibrant colours, it is not always easy to achieve a truly large image, either because of the space available – not everyone has a lounge large enough for an 85" diagonal TV - or simply the cost. This is why projectors are a firm favourite for the big screen experience thanks to their compact size and lower cost per diagonal inch of image compared to televisions.

In the past couple of years, the popularity of ultra-short throw projectors designed for home cinema has rocketed. With only a few centimetres of projection distance needed, they can be placed on a cabinet below the screen making installation much easier and more discreet.
The downside is that ultra-short throw (UST) projectors need a perfectly flat and vertical surface to project on to so only fixed frame screens and some high quality tab-tensioned electric screens are suitable (we have covered why projecting on to a wall is not recommended in this article). This is not a problem if you have a dedicated home cinema room, but if your home entertainment system is in your lounge, having a projection screen on the wall may not be possible or the sleek and unobtrusive look you were hoping for.

Enter the new Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema screen.

Designed specifically for use with UST projectors, the Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema screen is retractable and can be floor standing, fitted on top of a cabinet or for the most discreet solution, built-into furniture so it is almost invisible when not in use, leaving your walls and ceiling clear.
If you don't want to hide the screen inside furniture, you can choose between a black or white chassis to match your décor.

Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema screen

Available in sizes 100" to 120" diagonal, the screen is electrically operated with the surface rising from the case at the push of a button on one of the two included remote controls (Infra-red or RF), on the case switch or automatically using the supplied USB trigger.
A high-quality scissor action mechanism lifts the fabric out of the case while the lateral tensioning system ensures the surface remains flat for optimum image quality with UST projectors.

To complete the package, the screen features an 8K ready, high contrast, ambient light rejecting surface designed to direct the light from UST projectors back towards the viewer while deflecting ambient light away. This increases the image contrast, with dark colours visibly improved and lighter colours looking more vibrant, even when the room is not darkened.
Finally, the 170 degrees viewing angle ensures everyone on the sofa can enjoy a great image.

So, if you are looking for the perfect inconspicuous companion to your ultra-short throw home cinema projector, the Celexon Floor Rising CLR screen is well worth a check.