In a previous post about the various SMART Board interactive flat panel series, we brushed on the addition of ToolSense technology on the 6000S series.

ToolSense, which is now known as Tool Explorer technology enables users to use real world objects to annotate or interact with the digital content on screen in instinctive yet new ways, capturing and keeping the interest of pupils to ensure they remain engaged in lessons.




The technology is able to recognise with 100% accuracy any Tool Explorer-enabled object, whether it is a pen, a block, stamp or ruler, or even an ergonomic input device for students with fine motor difficulties.
With the ability to detect up to 20 tools simultaneously, multiple pupils can work at the same time without interfering with each other's work.

To make full use of the Tool Explorer technology, SMART have created a range of physical objects that can be purchased and used in lessons.
Suitable for use only with the 6000S series interactive displays, the Tool Explorer tools include:

  • A pen expansion pack including a blue, a green, an orange and a purple pen as well as a pen well which can be mounted magnetically on either side of the display to store up to four pens.

Smart Tool Explorer pen pack 

  • A highlighter pen: the double ended pen allows pupils or the teacher to easily highlight content in either green or yellow

SMART Tool Explorer Highlighter pen

  • A Magic pen which, with one end creates spotlights masking the rest of the screen to attract attention to a particular area of content and then magnify these areas if needed, and with the other end can write with disappearing ink to temporarily annotate content.




  • A 'Play bundle' of four stamps including a star stamp, a heart stamp, a player 1 stamp and a player 2 stamp. The stamps can attach to magnetic points on the 6000S panel so they are easily accessible.

 SMART Tool Explorer Play bundle

SMART Tool Explorer Maths bundle

  • A 'Learn bundle' of four blocks including a basic shape block (square, circle, triangle, diamond, hexagon and octogon), a vowels block (A, E, I, O, U, Y), an integer block (1/5/10/25/50/100) and a smiley/emoji block.

SMART Tool Explorer Play bundle


Why use Tool Explorer tools?

Using physical objects ensures pupils can learn with hands-on activities that keeps them interested and engaged during lessons. They can develop fine motor skills while learning and retaining information through active processes.
This is a great way to learn, even for pupils with different learning needs or fine motor skill challenges as Tool Explorer allows the use of ergonomic objects as input devices so all children can participate and learn according to their needs and abilities.


To see Tool Explorer technology in action and everything else the SMART Board 6000S series can offer, please contact us to book a free demo.