Celexon Expert PureWhite 400 x 250 cm

Celexon Expert PureWhite 400 x 250 cm

Sapphire Fixed Frame 266 x 149cm - Acoustically Transparent

Sapphire Fixed Frame 266 x 149cm - Acoustically Transparent

Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST Fixed Frame 265 x 149cm

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The CLR (ceiling light rejecting) fixed frame screen from the celexon HomeCinema series is a high-contrast screen specially optimised for ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors.

It combines the advantages of current displays with the size of a projection screen. The specially developed "retroreflective" projection screen provides for daylight or ambient light conditions for previously unprecedented contrast, black level, brightness and vivid colours. With these qualities, the dream comes true - A projection screen can be your TV replacement!

The HomeCinema CLR-UST fabric from celexon achieves excellent colour values ​​and covers 99% of the colour space measured by the Imaging Science Foundation (isf).
The viewing angle of 175° is extremely wide for this type of cloth and 0.6 Gain (measured and confirmed by "Movie & Educational Equipment QC Center") achieve an impressive perceived brightness, black level & contrast. The CLR-UST fabric by celexon is one of the best ultra-short-distance high-contrast cloths on the market and is unique at this price point.

The extremely narrow frame with a width of just 12mm is finished in matt black and protrudes only slightly above the surface of the cloth. So any edge reflections are excluded and it creates the impression of a 100" TV.

Key Information:

  • - High quality processed, matt black aluminium frame
  • - Very slim "display design" - only 12mm frame visible on each side
  • - 265 x 149cm visible image area - 120 "
  • - Type of fabric: celexon CLR UST with 0.6 gain at 175° viewing angle - Multi-layer PET cloth with a directional reflective coating
  • - Fully 4k UHD capable, Active 3D compatible
  • - Removes almost all light from above
  • - Boosts the in-picture contrast up to 100x compared to standard matt-white screens
  • - Specially optimised and only suitable for ultra-short throw projectors
  • - Waterproof - Anti mould coating, wet cloth to clean. 
  • - Permanently and perfectly tensioned cloth, with back spring tension system
  • - Simple, classic mounting of the frame (bolted L-angle connector system)
  • - Easy wall mounting
  • - External dimensions of frame: 268.1 x 151.8cm
  • - REACH, ROHS, free of formaldehydes & toluene

Ambient and stray light are known problems with projection systems, as the colours fade and the black appears washed out. Consequently, the selection of the optimal space for the screen in the room is greatly limited. Screens that have a special coating to prevent this effect are abbreviated to ALR for Ambient Light Rejecting.

This surface texture provides a deeper black level, higher in-picture contrast, better colour saturation, and better image brightness from the viewer's position, whether ambient light is on or off or low light (daylight) is present in the room.

The celexon HomeCinema CLR-ALR fabric by celexon is a special ALR fabric variant and does not reflect light from above back (unlike classic "D type" (diffuse reflecting) matt-white cloths), into the eye of the viewer and absorbs laterally incoming light.
The projection light that comes in from below is bundled and reflected in the direction of the observer. It is optimised exclusively for use with an ultra-short throw projector, achieving stunning projection results - even under low light conditions.

If you use a ultra-short throw projector, it is absolutely essential to use a screen that is pulled perfectly flat. Classic roll up screens are usually not suitable for such projection as their fabric hangs freely meaning it can move, have waves or edge curling that is particularly highlighted by the angle of the light from the UST projector. 
A frame screens offers permanent fabric tension and perfect flatness, ideal for UST projectors.

The CLR HomeCinema UST Frame Screen fits perfectly into your existing space without attracting attention. Whether in the home cinema, in conference or meeting rooms; This screen is a real eye-catcher and TV replacement not only because of the the special fabric or its high-quality workmanship, but also by its slim design.
The fabric is stretched onto the frame from behind with the aid of springs and always has a perfect flatness. The frame is easy to install due to the simple plug-in system.
In the box you will find all mounting accessories as well as an easy-to-understand operating manual.

More Information
Viewing width (cm)265
Viewing Height (cm)149
Aspect Ratio16:9
Diagonal (inches)120
Fabric TypeCeiling Light Rejection (CLR)
FeaturesAmbient Light Rejection, Slim / Thin Frame
Case Dimensions268.1 x 151.8cm overall screen size
Weight (kg)18.000000
Warranty2 years RTB

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