Celexon Battery Professional Plus v2 180x102cm

Celexon Battery Professional Plus v2 180x102cm

S.I. Compact Home Cinema 300 x 169cm - 4K UHD

S.I. Compact Home Cinema 300 x 169cm - 4K UHD

Celexon Battery Professional Plus v2 160x90cm

Celexon Battery Professional Plus Projection screen - Battery powered electric screen - 160x90cm viewing area, widescreen 16:9 format, matt white surface

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no Plug | just Play - The revolution of electric screens from celexon!

The battery-powered motorised screen from our well-known Professional Plus series has been updated and improved!

Unprecedented freedom of installation

Saves cost, time and nerves and creates installation possibilities that no other electrical screen could offer. There is no easier and quicker way to put an electric screen into operation. No other electric screen can be installed more elegantly and unobtrusively.

This electric projection screen does not require a permanent power connection, but is powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery. It can be rolled up or unrolled up to 500 times - and that only with one battery charge. This is normally sufficient for a whole year. *

No plug - Just play. Simply hang it up and start using

A radio remote control is already included in the box, so that the screen can be conveniently controlled remotely via the integrated receiver. You also have the option of combining this screen with other radio control systems from celexon. You can combine the projection screen with the celexon Professional 1-channel radio set, celexon Professional multi-channel radio set or the celexon Professional radio trigger - experience wireless freedom in a new way!

Innovative technology - Brilliant picture

On our new matt white 4k projection screen fabric we have created an extremely fine surface structure which is also suitable for 8k projections. So you are well prepared for future standards and already enjoy your 4k content in pixel accurate reproduction on the battery screen from celexon.

Key information

  • - Usable image area = 160 x 90cm (WxH)
  • - Format 16:9
  • - All around 3cm black masked for fatigue-free viewing
  • - 45cm black leader on top - leader adapted to the format
  • - Black back minimises possible light incidence from behind
  • - PET/PVC fabric with finest surface structure suitable for 4K and 8K projections
  • - Projection screen fabric type: D (diffuse reflection), matte white (matte white=MWHT)
  • - Gain factor of 1.0 according to DIN 19045-4
  • - Viewing angle of 155° (info: optimum viewing position up to 40° left/right of centre)
  • - Dimensionally stable & rigid winding shaft with large diameter for optimum flatness and freedom from stripes
  • - Integrated, rechargeable Lion battery with a long-lasting 3,000mAH capacity
  • - Charging socket integrated in left side cap
  • - Housing colour: white; robust powder coating
  • - Discreet elegant housing design with weighting bar that finishes flush with the housing (protects against environmental influences when not in use)
  • - Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, hanging installation also possible
  • - Incl. radio remote control
  • - Incl. charging power supply unit with charge control display
  • - Manual control on the left side of the housing (viewed from the front)
  • - Quiet operation: 55db
  • - Fast operation: 0.05m/s up, 0.045m/s down
  • - Charging voltage: 220 - 240 Volt, frequency: 50 Hz
  • - CE, REACH, ROHS, certified fire protection


A PET backing material is used to stabilise celexon's new 4K projection screen fabric, which is then PVC coated on the front and back. This ensures a particularly long service life, because unlike pure PVC screen fabrics, celexon's MWHT 4K PET projection screen fabric is much more temperature stable (please note the enclosed instructions). It also has fire protection certification, is equipped with an anti-mould coating and has an antistatic effect.

A very homogeneous image reflection, pixel accurate and with a wide viewing angle makes our new 4k projection screen of "TYPE D" (= diffuse reflecting) an ultimate choice for all living room cinemas, conference or training rooms or event halls.

The gain of 1.0 (in accordance with DIN 19045-4) has been deliberately chosen to be only slightly brightening, so that colour values are not distorted too much (as is the case with higher-gain screens) and optimum contrast values can be achieved for matt-white screens.

For reliable operation over the entire battery capacity, we install a lithium-ion battery. LiOn's retain their performance (unlike conventional alkaline or nickel-metal hydride batteries) over almost the entire capacity, the performance only drops at the very end, so your screen always runs reliably in or out at the same speed.

When it comes to charging, simply connect the supplied charging adapter. This shows you the charging status via an LED and switches off automatically when fully charged. This protects the battery and offers a high level of charging safety**.

The built-in LiOn battery can be charged several hundred times. This exceeds the regular lifetime of a screen considerably. *

In the box

  • - celexon battery screen motor Professional Plus V2.0
  • - Screen fabric: celexon matt-white 4K PET projection screen fabric
  • - 3-button radio remote control (up/down/stop)
  • - Charger with charge control indicator - Cable 4m long with multi-country adapter
  • - Instruction & Screen handling instructions
  • - incl. button cell battery CR2032, 3V


*for assumed normal use of 3-4 days / week. 1 use / day each

** Never charge rechargeable screens or rechargeable batteries unattended. Always disconnect the charging adapter from the screen after a full charge. Never store a LiOn battery completely empty for a long period of time (more than 4 weeks) and keep it away from temperature sources of more than 45°C in order to obtain an optimum service life.

More Information
Viewing width (cm)160
Viewing Height (cm)90
Aspect Ratio16:9
Diagonal (inches)72
Border - Top (cm)45
Borders - Left/Right (cm)3
Border - Bottom (cm)3
Fabric TypeMatt White
FeaturesBattery Powered, 4K Ready Fabric, 8K Ready Fabric
Case Dimensions9.7 x 177 x 10.7 cm
Weight (kg)10.520000
Warranty2 years RTB

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