Celexon Tripod Economy 244 x 138 cm - white edition

Celexon Tripod Economy 244 x 138 cm - white edition

Sapphire Tripod 150 x 150cm

Sapphire Tripod 150 x 150cm

Celexon Dual Format Tripod 172 x 108cm

Celexon Dual Format Tripod screen - 144 x 108cm viewing area in 4:3 format and 172 x 108cm viewing area in 16:10 format

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The celexon dual-format tripod screen represents the next generation of tripod screen. With just a few clicks you can create a professional presentation event or spontaneous cinema with friends.

The dual format screen can be set in 4:3 or 16:10 format and reaches over 170cm image width with only 120cm Transport size.

Our dual-format tripods feature a 4k PET-compatible front projection screen for excellent colour reproduction, flatness and tremendous stability. The integrated guide mechanism and the rear scissor joint allow the screen to snap securely into the desired format. When retracted, it is unobtrusive to store or transport.

Create flexible presentations in the conference or meeting room in a high quality design for a tripod screen.

Key Facts:

  • - Black border at the bottom and top about 2cm each
  • - Format setting possible in 4:3 or 16:10
  • - Dimension Projection Area 16:10 = 172x108cm (WxH)
  • - Dimension Projection Area 4:3 = 144x108cm (WxH)
  • - Black back
  • - Optimal for presentations with 1.0 Gain factor
  • - No assembly required, set up and present in 1 minute
  • - Manual, horizontal extension with innovative guide mechanism
  • - Housing closes completely and protects the fabric from environmental influences
  • - Transportable thanks to handles
  • - Housing colour: silver-white
  • - Tripod colour: silver-white
  • - Transport dimension: only 21 x19 x 121.5cm
  • - Transport weight: approx. 12kg


celexon tripod screens are characterized by professional workmanship combined with flexible application options. The dual-format tripod screen rounds off the portfolio and with the price offered represents the most attractive tripod screen on the market.

The screen is infinitely adjustable and allows the 4: 3 and also the 16:10 format. The four-foot pedestal with foot caps protects delicate floors and ensures extremely high stability in comparison with classic 3-leg tripods. In addition, the feet are arranged so that they hardly protrude in front of the screen and thus pose no trip hazard.

All celexon tripod screens have a neutral gain factor of 1. The screen is suitable for all long-throw projection types, no matter if DLP, LCD, LCOS, D-ILA etc.

More Information
Viewing width (cm)172
Viewing Height (cm)108
Aspect RatioMulti
Diagonal (inches)80
Border - Top (cm)2
Border - Bottom (cm)2
Fabric TypeMatt White
Case Dimensions21 x19 x 121.5cm
Weight (kg)12.000000
Warranty2 years RTB

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