Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema 243 x 137cm - Black

Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema 243 x 137cm - Black

Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema 221 x 124cm - Black

Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema 221 x 124cm - Black

Celexon Floor Rising CLR HomeCinema 243 x 137cm - White

celexon CLR HomeCinema UST High Contrast Electric Floor Screen 110", 243 x 137cm - White - Floor rising screen with IR and RF remote controls, USB trigger

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The Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST electric floor-mounted screen in combination with a modern ultra-short throw projector is a true large-screen TV replacement. Thanks to Celexon's innovative 8K contrast projection screen fabric (also available on the Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST Frame Screen) and the clever, electrically operated scissors-action construction, a large picture is easily possible in almost any room.

The bonus: When not in use, the screen surface almost completely disappears from view, as the screen does not have to be mounted on the wall or ceiling, but can be built into or behind a lowboard. This achieves the dream of a rollable 100-120" TV, which is only visible when in use.

Innovative screen design and easy integration for every room

Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST High Contrast screen

What happens if you can't or don't want to install a large TV in your living room or a display in the meeting room, but you can’t be without a 100", 110" or 120" picture? Then the Celexon electric CLR UST screen, which rises from the floor from its slender chassis, is the perfect solution. It can be integrated into the room in a particularly simple and unobtrusive manner

The Celexon CLR UST high contrast fabric makes the difference

While a modern ultra-short throw projector can achieve a lare image size from close up, contrast can be lowered by ambient light. For the "OLED" effect found with TVs, a high contrast fabric like the one used in the Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST series is essential. You can save on the purchase price of the projector for better image quality, because the Celexon contrast fabric optimises the black level visibly. In addition, disturbing stray and residual light is minimized, ceiling light especially can be reduced up to 90%.

Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST High Contrast Screen

The celexon CLR UST contrast fabric significantly improves the UST (Ultra Short Throw) projector image: The unique, multi-layer fabric design visibly increases the black level and effectively minimises the "grey haze" in ambient light in the room. Ambient light is actively deflected away from the surface, so that a high-contrast image is visible even under residual light conditions (lamps or daylight). You will be thrilled and enjoy unprecedented picture size as a TV replacement, which also saves costs, e.g. for a separate TV.

Celexon's UST contrast fabric is approved for all current and future projectors with resolutions around Full HD, 4K and up to 8K due to its special cloth structure. Unique is the unrestricted viewing angle of 170 degrees, so that all viewers on the sofa can enjoy a great image.

Celexon's CLR UST contrast fabric has been highly rated in various tests and ensures unclouded picture enjoyment in all rooms without having to darken them.

Available in black or white chassis

We listen to our customers and in addition to the favourite black, perfect for dedicated home cinema rooms, we also offer a white case to blend in in brighter decor at home and meeting rooms.

Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST High Contrast Screen

Both versions have the lateral Tension rope tension system for good flatness without annoying dog-ears at the edges and easier readjustment. Of course, the high-quality scissor system is also used for a long-lasting extension and retraction of the screen.  


Celexon installation tip: For easy use, our experts recommend the clever Celexon USB trigger. The necessary USB dongle is included in the box and can be connected to the USB-connection of an ultra-short throw projector, so that the Celexon projection screen automatically opens or closes when the projector is turned on or off.


The Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST electric floor screen comes with a wide range of accessories, so it can be controlled in many ways "out of the box":

  • - Conveniently from a distance via the included infrared remote control
  • - Conveniently from a distance via the included radio remote control
  • - Automated via USB trigger: you control your screen easily and conveniently via USB connection and power status of your projector - full automation
  • - Manual control via a switch on the housing


Key Information:

  • - Fabric: HomeCinema CLR-UST fabric for high-contrast and 8k accurate picture reproduction
  • - Viewing area: 243 x 137cm, 110".
  • - Edge Free = No black masking for maximum alignment and format freedom
  • - Gain factor of 0.6, viewing angle 170 
  • - Rope tensioning system effective against "dog-ears” 
  • - Housing: White
  • - Housing dimensions:268 x 16 x 12 cm (LxDxH)
  • - Floor screen, flexible positioning, can be integrated into existing furniture (DIY)
  • - Integrated control unit with a wide range of control possibilities
  • - Infrared (IR)
  • - Radio (FR) 
  • - Wireless USB trigger
  • - Quiet, high-torque tubular motor: Durable and smooth running
  • - Certifications: ROHS, REACH, CE - 2014/53/EU



The high-quality steel housing has clean crisp edges and fits elegantly into modern living environments. Due to its cubistic form, the screen can be easily integrated into existing furniture and does not disturb the living ambience, especially when retracted.

A large retractable TV is created with Celexon's innovative HomeCinema electric floor high contrast screen.



The Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST electric floor projection screen can be installed safely, easily and quickly. 

You have the choice: Simply place the screen on the floor or on a sideboard, connect it to the power supply and the screen is ready for use. For an even more unobtrusive installation, you can recess the screen housing into a piece of furniture of your choice - the side control units and power connection are designed to take up little space in the furniture and not protrude.


In the box:

  • - Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST electric high contrast floor screen
  • - Multilayer PVC fabric with celexon's CLR technology, gain 0.6, viewing angle 170 is particularly suitable for use under residual light, both during the day and in the dark, giving picture quality just like a TV
  • - Power cable approx. 1.5m in black, connects on left-side when viewed from the front
  • - Radio (RF) remote control (incl. battery)
  • - Infrared (IR) remote control (incl. battery)
  • - Wireless USB trigger 
  • - IR-receiving eye, can be positioned flexibly if required
  • - End position adjustment tool, mounting material, Cleaning brush for fabric surface, USB charging cable for remote controls (optionally required: USB TYPE DC 5V power adapter - not included)
  • - Instructions & Screen Usage Hints


Control possibilities of the screen:

  • - Radio receiver integrated + separate infrared eye with corresponding remote control
  • - Wireless USB Trigger

Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST floor screen

The Celexon CLR HomeCinema UST floor screen is particularly useful where traditional motorised and frame screens cannot be installed and offers maximum freedom of installation: Whether in a sloping attic or where walls or ceilings cannot bear heavy loads due to their construction, our Celexon CLR UST floor screen always allows you to have a large picture in almost every room.

More Information
Viewing width (cm)243
Viewing Height (cm)137
Aspect Ratio16:9
Diagonal (inches)110
Fabric TypeHigh Contrast Grey
FeaturesAmbient Light Rejection, Floor Rising (electric)
Case Dimensions268 x 16 x 12 cm (LxDxH)
Weight (kg)29.000000
Warranty2 years RTB

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