Celexon Manual Professional 234 x 132 cm

Celexon Manual Professional 234 x 132 cm

Celexon Manual Professional Plus 240 x 180 cm

Celexon Manual Professional Plus 240 x 180 cm

Celexon Manual Professional Plus 240 x 240 cm

Manual pull down screen, 240x240cm viewing area, 1:1 format

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Celexon have expanded their popular Professional Plus series with this new screen model, bringing you good quality at a reasonable price point.

The screen is designed for use in conference and meeting rooms as well as for the ambitious home cinema user. Available in 4 sizes up to 300cm width, the series offers a wide choice for all projections.

The white screen housing has a simple, clean design with a wedge-shaped weighted bar that gives a smooth flush finish when retracted into the housing. It has a high quality 3-ply fabric and a gear-driven soft-return mechanism for retraction.

Key Features:
- 240 x 240 cm viewing area
- 4 cm black border left, right and bottom
- 6.5 cm black drop above
- Dimensions of the housing (W x H x D): 255 x 9 x 8 cm
- Weight: 10 kg
- Weighted bar sits flush in housing when retracted
- Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting
- Black, opaque backing
- Ideal for home cinema and presentational purposes with 1.2 Gain factor
- High-quality gear-driven soft-return mechanism
- Stages arrested for other formats
- Simple, white closed box design

The 3-ply projection fabric has a gain factor of 1.2 and a stabilizing layer of polyester in the middle. It has a black backing and a matt white viewing area. Suitable for most projection environments.

The built-in soft-return mechanism allows the user to pull the screen down once about 5 cm and simply let it go to retract it back into the housing. The soft-return mechanism is gear-based rather than conventional oil-based soft-return mechanisms, ensuring a much longer life and constant retraction force.

The screen has a black border to achieve optimal image containment and increased contrast of the projected image. The black backing is impervious to light, making it possible to be mounted in front of a window, without any light passing through. The screen can be locked every 10cm, making it possible to achieve different formats/viewing area heights.

The screen comes with mounting caps for wall or ceiling included on the housing along with an installation and operating manual. Wall spacers are available as optional extras.

More Information
Viewing width (cm)240
Viewing Height (cm)240
Aspect Ratio1:1
Diagonal (inches)134
Border - Top (cm)6.5
Borders - Left/Right (cm)4
Border - Bottom (cm)4
Fabric TypeMatt White
Case Dimensions(W x H x D): 255 x 9 x 8 cm
Weight (kg)10.000000
Warranty2 years RTB

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