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BrightSign LS445

BrightSign LS445 entry level 4K signage media player - Full HD and 4K, HTML5

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At its price point, the BrightSign LS445 stands out with its unmatched quality in HD, 4K and HTML5 performance, as well as a variety of specialized features for signage. The LS425 can effortlessly showcase looping video, graphics, and HTML content while supporting digital audio and USB-C interactive peripherals. This signage solution comes equipped with a locking power cord, ethernet, and optional dual antenna Wi-Fi module to ensure a reliable connection to a free Control Cloud subscription and preferred CMS.

The LS5’s compact and slim design allows it to fit seamlessly in any space, and its use of BrightSign OS maximizes security, reliability, and longevity. Overall, the LS5 series is a valuable and cost-effective choice for a diverse range of straightforward signage needs.

Built for Popular Digital Signage Experiences

Delivering affordable, powerful performance.

  • - Displays ultra-smooth HD and 4K looping video
  • - Runs mainstream HTML5, motion graphics, and audio
  • - Powers single touchscreen and interactive experiences
  • - Remotely manage players for connected or offline experiences
  • - Efficient, ultra-thin design for streamlined serviceability

Powerful Video Performance

Drives pristine HD deployments.
  • - Flawless 1080P and 4K at 60p
  • - Delivers vivid imagery and motion graphics in Full HD
  • - Runs engaging multi-asset experiences
  • - Streams live video, image, and audio feeds

Smooth Interactive Experiences

Creates powerful immersive experiences.
  • - Delivers simple to sophisticated signage features
  • - Distributes crystal clear analog and digital audio
  • - Runs simple HTML widgets and animations
  • - Supports single-gesture touchscreen experiences
  • - Controls interactive integrations through USB-C

Compact Connected Deployments

Provides unrivaled affordability and performance.
  • - Fits into tight spaces with compact, ultra-thin design
  • - Flexible for online or offline deployments
  • - Stay connected with ethernet and an optional dual antenna Wi-Fi module
  • - Remotely monitor, control, and update players with Control Cloud
  • - Reliable locking power and removeable micro SD card storage

Powered by Purple

BrightSignOS is the only purpose-built operating system for digital signage - and it's found exclusively in BrightSign players. Here’s what it means to be Powered by Purple.

  • - Secure: BrightSignOS delivers unmatched security, keeping your players, connected devices, and network safe from any potential risks.
  • - Reliable: With unrivaled uptime across millions of players, BrightSignOS's self-healing capabilities and real-time monitoring ensure uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.
  • - Superior: BrightSignOS is able to run any type of content, resolution, connected device, and technology integration, making it easy to create dynamic and sophisticated digital experiences.
  • - Sustainable: Easy to maintain, power-efficient, and updateable, BrightSignOS is the long-lasting and sustainable choice for digital signage.


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Dimensions126.6 x 141.84 x 19.41 mm
Weight (kg)0.000000
Warranty2 years

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