Dry Wipe Projection Whiteboard 178x100 - Aluminium

Dry Wipe Projection Whiteboard 178x100 - Aluminium

Dry Wipe Projection Whiteboard 213x120 - Aluminium

Semi matt dry wipe projection whiteboard - 213x120cm - Aluminium frame

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Customers are often looking for a dry wipe whiteboard which will double up as a projection board. This semi matt projection whiteboard can be used as a projection surface and a dry wipe surface.

No need to worry if someone writes on your projection board. It is made for it. Short on space? This semi matt projection whiteboard gives you twice the functionality in one board.

The ideal dry wipe surface is very shiny and the ideal projection surface is not shiny so this is a hybrid which allows dry wipe markers and projection and saves having to have two different boards or to find someone has written on your projection board with a dry wipe marker which won’t come off!

The semi matt projection whiteboard comes with an anodised smudge free aluminium frame (15x15mm) complete with all fixings. Special custom sizes are available.

More Information
Viewing width (cm)213
Viewing Height (cm)120
Aspect Ratio16:9
Diagonal (inches)96
Warranty25 years surface guarantee

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