Epson Replacement Air Filter (ELPAF46)

Epson Replacement Air Filter (ELPAF46)

Epson External Air Filter - ELPAF63

Epson ELPAF63 External Projector Air Filter for EB-PU10 and EB-PU20 Series

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Durable external air filter for extended maintenance cycle in dusty environments.

Protects the projector in dusty environments with the ELPAF63 external air filter. Engineered for use with EB-PU10 and EB-PU20 Series projectors, the filter offers a maintenance cycle up to 20,000 hours1 in dusty environments, such as crowded museums or busy expos. A convenient, easy-to-install solution, the ELPAF63 easily attaches to the projector for an extended filter maintenance cycle compared to the projector’s standard air-filter. Ideal for high-ceiling or remote installations where air filter maintenance is difficult.

  • Optional external air filter — for EB-PU10 and EB-PU20 Series projectors
  • Extends filter maintenance cycle in dusty environments — filter maintenance cycle expands to 20,000 hours1 in dusty environments that are typical of crowded museums and expos
  • Simplifies filter maintenance — for projectors in high-ceiling or remote locations
  • Easy installation — filter cabinet easily screws onto the projector


Eco Features

  • - Recyclable product2
  • - RoHS compliant

Compatible with the following Epson projectors: EB-PU1006W, EB-PU1007B, EB-PU1007W, EB-PU1008B, EB-PU1008W, EB-PU2010B, EB-PU2010W

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