Samsung Flip Magnetic Pen (pack of 5)

Samsung Flip Magnetic Pen (pack of 5)

SMART ToolSense Tool Explorer Magic Pen

SMART ToolSense Tool Explorer Magic Pen

BenQ Dual Touch Pen - TPY22 (2pk)

BenQ Dual Touch pens - TPY22 - pack of 2: 1 thick & 1 thin for RM series interactive displays

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Designed for smooth whiteboarding and effective collaboration
  • - Especially designed for the RM series
  • - Two easy grip pens: thick tip and fine tip
  • - Convenient colour assignment for different users
  • - Provides a natural handwriting experience
  • - Water-resistant for carefree use

Pens that let you write freely

The TPY22 pens for the RM series are designed for comfort and collaboration. Whether you’re writing alone or working in pairs, they provide smooth annotation and colour-code the content by writer.

TPY22 dual-pen mode for intuitive cowriting

Dual-pen mode for more intuitive cowriting

The TPY22 pens work with EZWrite's dual-pen mode, which helps users organize their notes. Each tip is assigned a different stroke colour according to thickness, making it easier to pinpoint who’s contributing what.

TPY22 natural whiteboarding

Natural whiteboarding

The ergonomically designed TPY22 pens have smooth triangular barrels that make them easier to grip, giving you more control when you interact with the display. The lightweight pens closely mimic what it’s like to write with a whiteboard marker.

TPY22 uninterrupted writing with no charging

Uninterrupted writing with no charging

The TPY22 pens require no batteries or charging, allowing you to write and annotate freely without any interruptions. Just walk up to a BenQ interactive display, pick up a pen, and work for as long as you need to. And since both pens are straightforward and sturdy, they don’t require special care or maintenance.

No batteries needed

No batteries needed

No batteries needed


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