Lindy 3.5mm & TosLink (Optical) Bluetooth adapter

Lindy 3.5mm & TosLink (Optical) Bluetooth adapter

KEF Single Receiver for KW1

Single Receiver for KEF KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Kit to allow two subwoofers to receive the same signal wirelessly.

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Wireless Subwoofer Single Receiver

The KEF KW1 wireless kit (sold separately) works with the KUBE 8b, 10b, 12b and KF92 subwoofers. It allows KEF subs to be optimally placed, and not limited by cables. High-quality wireless transmission delivers every ounce of detail and impact from your favourite films and music.

The single receiver can be added to the KW1 kit and allows two KEF subwoofers to receive the same signal wirelessly from the same transmitter.

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Dimensions27 x 37 x 72mm

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