Audio Visual Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to maximise the lifespan of audio-visual equipment, reduce the total cost of ownership and minimise disruption to your activities.

Projectors in particular can benefit greatly from regular, preventative maintenance. Dusty filters or air vents can reduce air flow, causing overheating which shortens the life of the lamp and the projector itself, increasing the cost of ownership. Dirty lenses may affect the clarity of the image, while misaligned or uncalibrated projectors may project blurry, out of focus images with inaccurate colours.

Our projector maintenance services include filter and lamp replacements, cleaning of vents, lens and chassis, performance checks, alignment, calibration, fault diagnosis and report.

We also maintain other AV equipment including but not limited to interactive whiteboards, large displays, audio systems etc.
Whether your purchased the equipment from us or from a third party, call us for your maintenance needs and we will be happy to help.



If some equipment is not performing as it should or has stopped working completely we can provide a call-out service to diagnose the issue and provide advice or solve the issue where possible.

Maintenance Contracts

Preventative maintenance is the best way to minimise disruption and down-time. Our AV maintenance contracts include regular visits to ensure your equipment is in full working order when you need it.


Maintenance contracts ensure that your equipment is checked, cleaned and calibrated on a regular basis to minimise the risks of down-time caused by a preventable issue such as early lamp failure due to poor ventilation, and to make sure your system is performing at its best when you need it.

We have a choice of contract lengths (typically between 1 and 3 years), number of visits per year and solutions tailored to your needs.
Whether we supplied and/or installed your equipment or not, we will be happy to assist you with your maintenance requirements.

Call us today to discuss your requirements and for a free no obligation quotation.