Mica Projection Board 192 x 120cm

Mica Projection Board 192 x 120cm

Mica Projection Board 160 x 120cm

Mica Projection Board 160 x 120cm

Mica Projection Board 200 x 150cm

Mica projection whiteboard for standard and long throw projectors - 200x150cm

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The Mica Projection Boards feature an enamel surface offering optimal projection features: A perfect reflection without a hotspot and a wide viewing angle.

Mica ceramic technology applied to the surface enhances and diffuses reflection. This ensures a bright and sharp image with minimal glare and hotspot from wherever viewers are seated in the room.

The gain value of 1.8 (5%) is especially suited to standard and long throw projection.

The surface is magnetic and the enamel comes with a top of the range 25 year surface guarantee.

Whiteboard marker pens can be used but the board is not dry wipe and you would need to clean the board with a wet towel or microfibre cloths with board cleaning fluid.
If you are planning on regularly using dry wipe marker pens, it is recommended you purchase the dry wipe projection whiteboard range which is better suited to dry wipe markers.

The Mica Projection Boards are ordered on request and delivery typically takes 15 working days.

More Information
Viewing width (cm)200
Viewing Height (cm)150
Aspect Ratio4:3
Diagonal (inches)98
Warranty25 year surface guarantee

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