Custom Screens

Every room and home cinema is different, with all manner of shapes, sizes and dimensions.
Why settle with a standard projector screen size that may be too small or too big for your room?

What about having a screen that matches your exact needs ? A unique custom built screen?

You probably think it costs a fortune? Wrong!

At Purple Cat we can provide personalised projection screens without having to break the bank!

You can customize:

  • The size of the viewable screen area
  • The size of the black borders and masking around the viewable area
  • The amount of extra black drop
  • The fabric type
  • The colour of the case (available on some screens)


Custom Screen Quotation Request

To request a free quotation for a custom screen please fill in the online form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the specification box please state the type of screen required (manual, electric, fixed frame), the required viewing area (width x height), the required black border at the top, the fabric type (matt white, high contrast...) and any other features you require.

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