SMART Learning Suite - 4yrs licence for SMART Boards

SMART Learning Suite - 4yrs licence for SMART Boards

SMART Learning Suite - 2yrs licence for SMART Boards

SMART Learning Suite - 2yrs licence for SMART Boards

SMART Learning Suite - 3yrs licence for SMART Boards

SMART Learning Suite 3 years licence for use with SMART Boards interactive whiteboards and interactive displays

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Teachers bring more to the classroom. It’s time learning software did the same.

An educator’s time in the classroom is precious. Fill it with more teachable, engaging moments made possible with the best learning software.

SMART Learning Suite is the one software for educators with interactive lesson delivery, collaborative workspaces, game-based activities, formative assessments and more. All while balancing individual classroom needs and budgets. Just imagine…

Untethered teaching.

Freedom from always being at the front of the class to interact with students and facilitate learning.

More than participation. True collaboration.

Enable students to collaborate on their devices, inside and outside the classroom, empowering student voice.

Static to interactive lessons.

Transform new or existing static content and into dynamic, interactive lessons. PDF, PowerPoint® and Google files can now become active learning experiences.

Individual learning needs achieved.

Better gauge a student’s understanding with handouts, activities and more, to fine tune instruction and support individual learning needs.

Easy as A.B.C. 

Break down technological barriers in the classroom with fewer hours of training and one simple login.

Integration is the answer.

Work with existing technology and familiar platforms while keeping IT costs down.

Anytime, anywhere access.

Includes both a desktop experience and cloud-based online learning experience. 

SMART Learning Suite works with the Google, Microsoft and learning management system platforms your teachers already use, and your schools have invested in.

Save teachers' time

Save teachers’ time
Reduce training and adoption time by using existing workflows

Save administrators' time

Save administrators’ time
Centrally deploy SMART Learning Suite to everyone in your school

Only one login to remember

Only one login to remember
Access SMART Learning Suite using your school Google or Microsoft account

One place for file storage

One place for file storage
Save SMART Learning Suite files alongside teacher’s other files

Streamline lesson delivery

Streamline lesson delivery
Keep lessons flowing by not switching between applications

Make existing content engaging

Make existing content engaging
Transform PDF and PowerPoint® files, and Google Slides, Docs and Sheets into interactive lessons

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