Vision TC3 HDMI Active Booster Module

Vision TC3 Minijack Module (phoenix on rear)

TC3 Minijack Module - Occupies 1 module space - Ideal for use with stereo audio cable - Phoenix connector at rear - Pass-through on rear - Input on front disconnects rear input
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TC3 3.5MM/V2

This module is part of Vision's Techconnect connectivity faceplate family.

  • Fixes to Surround

    Techconnect modules fix into a surround, which in turn fixes to a backbox, mudring (for hollow walls), or a table faceplate.

  • Future-proof

    If you break a module or need to change it in the future, just replace that part - not the entire faceplate.

  • Flexible

    Get to site and the client changes what they want on their AV faceplate? No problem.

  • Strong

    Techconnect parts are robust for the rigours of every day use. They include strengthening ribs and reinforcing where required.

  • Proven

    For over 15 years Techconnect has improved and developed into one of the most popular AV faceplates in the world.

  • Half-Normalled

    The input on the rear decouples the earth to eliminate earth hums, or it allows signals to pass through. When an input is plugged into the front socket it is disconnected.






    ABS Plastic


    64 x 21 x 37 mm / 2.5" x 0.83" x 1.46"


    0.03 kg (0.07 lb)


    0.03 kg (0.07 lb)


    90 x 150 mm/ 3.54" x 5.91"

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