Loxit 8411 Hi-Lo Mono 600 Electric Heavy Duty Wall to Floor Screen Lift (max 170kg)

Loxit 8411 Hi-Lo Mono 600 Electric Heavy Duty Wall to Floor Screen Lift (max 170kg)

Newstar Neomounts PLASMA-W2250 Black

Newstar Neomounts PLASMA-W2250 Black

Vision VFM-F40 Heavy Duty Floor to Wall mount

Vision VFM-F40 motorised lift, floor to wall mount - Lifts up to 130 kg (286 lb), 700 mm (27.6″) height adjustment, Fast linear-drive motor, Comes 95% assembled, Sturdy fixed column design

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Vision's Flat-Panel Mount VFM-F40 is a heavy-duty motorised floorstand for large interactive or non-interactive displays. It is super-rigid, powerful, and comes almost completely assembled. Just take it out of the box, install the feet and flat-panel mount, and fix it to the wall. There is no easier floorstand to install.

Vision's floorstands transmit the load of the heavy display safely to the floor. This stand is optimised for use in meeting spaces where a high quality fit and finish is essential.

  • SWL 130kg

    The F40 uses heavy-gauge components to take the weight, and a powerful linear drive pushes up (and pulls down) with 1500 Newtons of force, moving at a relatively quick 19 mm per second.

  • Regular Freight

    This product comes in two boxes: a VFM-F40FRAME which contains the almost completely assembled column. And a VFM-W8X6 wall mount, which fixes to the column. We did this to keep the weight of the carton under 30 kg so normal courier services can be used.

  • 700 mm Motorised Height Adjustment

    The central column is a fixed 1.7 metres tall, with the moving assembly moving up and down the column 700 mm.

  • Extremely Tight Tolerances

    The moving mechanism uses a roller-slide design with four quality bearings which glide up polished rails. The tolerances of bearings on rail result in zero unwanted movement.

  • Wireless Control

    A remote control is included with simple up and down functions. Users can use the holder, or a magnet sticker to fix the remote to the side of the column out of sight.

  • Four Wall Brackets

    Brackets fix the column to the wall at a variety of heights. They can secure the column flush against the wall or standing off up to 140 mm. The column can be anchored high up on the wall, giving installers plenty of options. Note: A minimum of two wall brackets is adequate as long as they are fixed to load bearing structure. Four is better than two.

  • Safety Stop

    A safety stop is triggered when the display lowers onto hard furnishings. Note soft items may fail to trigger the stop. Care should be taken whenever moving the display down.

  • Feet or Fixed

    Adjustable feet are included to make it easy to adjust level, or swap those out for included brackets which fix the column to the floor.

  • Cable Management

    Generous cable entry holes on the sides make routing cables quick and easy. There are holes in the rear for cable ties.

  • Hide Mess

    Plenty of space behind the front cover to hide cables, media players, mini PCs, and power distribution boards.

  • VESA 800 x 600

    This product includes Vision’s heavy-duty VFM-W8X6 wall mount which fits most large-format flat panels from 47-98″ subject to VESA pattern and weight limit. Vision’s larger VFM-W10X6 wall bracket can also fix to this column, or the smaller VFM-W6X4 and VFM-W4X4.

  • Optional Laptop Shelf

    An optional shelf fixes at four different heights in 80 mm increments to the horizontal part of the wall mount. The platform is 450 mm wide by 306 mm  deep. At the lowest height setting the shelf is 680 mm below the centre of screen. Part Number: VFM-WLS 

    The laptop shelf can alternatively be fixed to the rear of the column with the addition of the VFM-F40RSBKT adaptors. 

  • Optional Video Conference Shelf

    This shelf fixes in the centre above or below the display. It accommodates cameras such as Logitech's Rally, and also Logitech's Meetup, Yamaha’s YVC-1000, or Barco’s Clickshare CSE-200 base stations.

    With VESA100 holes on the vertical section, product’s like iPad enclosures can be fixed above or below the display. Part Number: VFM-WVC

  • Optional Rear Shelf

    Vision's VFM-WLS laptop shelf can be fixed to the rear of the column at any height with the addition of two simple adaptor brackets. Part Number: VFM-F40RSBKT 




    1 x VFM-F40FRAME
    1 x VFM-W8X6


    VFM-W8X6: 845 x 635 x 36 mm (width x height x depth)


    VFM-F40FRAME: 1400 x 380 x 140 mm
    VFM-W8X6: 880 x 235 x 40 mm


    VFM-F40FRAME: 26 kg
    VFM-W8X6: 5.8 kg
    Total: 31.8 kg


    VFM-F40FRAME: 29.9 kg
    VFM-W8X6: 6.8 kg
    Total: 36.7 kg


    130 kg




    Powercoated Matt Black


    800 x 600 mm
    800 x 500 mm
    800 x 400 mm
    600 × 600 mm
    600 x 500 mm
    600 × 400 mm
    500 x 500 mm
    500 x 400 mm
    400 x 600 mm
    400 × 400 mm
    400 x 300 mm
    400 × 200 mm
    300 × 400 mm
    300 × 300 mm






    1500 N (both up and down)


    19 mm per second


    700 mm


    1 x EU Figure-8 C7 Power cable 2.5 m long
    1 x UK Figure-8 C7 Power cable 2.5 m long
    1 x AU Figure-8 C7 Power cable 2.5 m long
    1 x US Figure-8 C7 Power cable 2.5 m long
    1 x IR Remote Control (A23 12v battery included)
    4 x Wall Brackets

    4 x M5 16 mm screw
    4 x M6 16 mm screw
    4 x M6 25 mm screw
    4 x M8 16 mm screw
    4 x M8 35 mm screw
    2 x M8 45 mm screw


    110-230V Integrated Power Supply


    Lifetime return-to-base
    UK Only: 5 years onsite

More Information
Weight (kg)31.800000
Warranty5 years on site
Max. Load130.00 kg

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