Loxit Mono Slimline 100mm Stand-off Wall Brackets

Loxit Mono Slimline 100mm Stand-off Wall Brackets

Vision VFM-F51 floor to wall mount

Vision VFM-F51 floor to wall mount

Vision VFM-F50 Motorised Floor to Wall mount

Vision VFM-F50 Motorised Floor to Wall mount for flat panels up to 100" - Fixes to wall, transfers load to floor, 800 mm (31.5″) height adjustment, motorised, Control by wired controller or RS-232
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How much do you trust the wall to safely support your expensive and heavy interactive flat panel? Vision’s F50 floor stand takes away those worries because it transfers the weight to the ground to make installation easier and safer.

The F50 has motorised height adjustment so with a one-button press, you can raise it to so even distant audience members can see the presentation clearly over the heads of the audience, or lower it so young children can engage with it in a learning setting.

These products take specialist knowledge to design, build and install. Vision has extensive experience having built and sold many thousands of motorised floor stands over the years and we have developed a design that ensures they are reliable to use, easy and quick to install and service. We believe in them so much we back them with a lifetime warranty.

  • SWL 90kg (286 lbs)

    The F50 uses heavy-gauge components to take the weight, and a linear drive with twin drive shafts to power the vertical motion.

  • All Parts in One Box

    The new F50 range has all components – including the wall mount – in one box. We have ruggedized the packaging to help withstand the rigours of transit to site.

  • Wired Control or RS-232

    A wired remote control is included with simple up and down functions. It fixes to the rear of the display with an adhesive sticker. Alternatively, use a control system to activate the F50 via RS-232 and add pre-set positions, and upper and lower limits.

  • Highly Adjustable Wall Brackets

    We include two brackets to fix the lower part of the F50 to the wall, which slide up and down slots so they can be located at just the ideal height. These secure the column almost flush to the wall or standing off up to 140 mm (5.5″). Note: if only one wall bracket can be fixed to a load bearing structure, the column must be fixed to the floor.

  • Feet or Fixed

    Adjustable feet are included to make it easy to adjust level, or remove the feet and fix the column to the floor.

  • Hide Mess

    Generous cable entry holes make routing cables quick and easy. The front cover can be removed for end users to easily access anything they need. There is also plenty of space to hide cables, media players, mini PCs, and power distribution boards inside the column.

  • VESA 800 x 600

    This product includes Vision’s heavy-duty 800×600 wall mount, which fits most large-format flat panels from 47-100″ subject to VESA pattern and weight limit. If your display has an alternative VESA pattern, Vision’s other heavy-duty wall mounts (VFM-W4X4, VFM-W6X4, or VFM-W10X6) also fit the F50 stand.

  • Landscape or Portrait

    All of these VESA mount options support portrait or landscape orientation.

  • Optional Laptop Shelf

    The optional shelf fixes onto the horizontal part of the wall mount at four different heights in 80 mm (3.1″) increments. The shelf platform is 450 mm (18″) wide by 306 mm (12")  deep. At the lowest height setting the shelf is 680 mm (27″) below the centre of screen. Part Number: VFM-WLS

  • Optional Video Conference Shelf

    The optional video conference shelf fixes in the centre above or below the display. It will accommodate cameras such as the Logitech Rally* or Meetup, Yamaha YVC-1000, or Barco Clickshare CSE-200 base stations. Thanks to the VESA100 holes on the vertical section, additional products, such as iPad enclosures, can be fixed above or below the display. Part Number: VFM-WVC

    * Logitech Rally speakers can be fixed in place with an additional bracket added to the VFM-WVC. Part Number: VFM-WVC /RSB

  • 800 mm / 31.5" Motorised Height Adjustment

    The height of the display can be altered to suit the audience thanks to motorised height adjustment. The telescopic column movement range is 800 mm / 31.5″.

  • Increased Safety

    If there is obstruction under the display as it is lowered, the weight of the display simply rests on top of the obstruction. It does not pull down and crush the obstruction. There is safety sensor which sensors obstacles and will stop the motor. 

  • Compatible with Surface Hub

    Spacers are included to work with the 85" Microsoft Surface Hub.




    See CAD


    1112 x 422 x 198 mm/ 43.78″ x 16.61″ x 7.8″


    37.5 kg / 82.67 lb


    38.5 kg / 84.88 lb


    90 kg / 200 lbs




    Powercoated Matt Black


    800 x 600 mm
    800 x 500 mm
    800 x 400 mm
    600 × 600 mm
    600 x 500 mm
    600 × 400 mm
    500 x 500 mm
    500 x 400 mm
    400 x 600 mm
    400 × 400 mm
    400 x 300 mm
    400 × 200 mm
    300 × 400 mm
    300 × 300 mm
    By adding additional brackets:
    200 x 200 (VFM-W2X2TV2)
    100 x 100 (VFM-W1X1TV2)




    16 mm / 0.6" per second


    800 mm / 31.5″


    1 x EU Figure-8 C7 Power cable 2.5 m (8 ft) long
    1 x UK Figure-8 C7 Power cable 2.5 m (8 ft) long
    1 x AU Figure-8 C7 Power cable 2.5 m (8 ft) long
    1 x US Figure-8 C7 Power cable 2.5 m (8 ft) long
    1 x Remote Control with cable 1.5 m (5 ft) long
    2 x Wall Brackets
    4 x M5 16 mm screw
    4 x M6 16 mm screw
    4 x M6 25 mm screw
    4 x M8 30 mm screw
    4 x M8 50 mm screw
    4 x 15 mm thick nylon spacers (for 2S 85" Microsoft Surface Hub)
    4 x 20 mm thick nylon spacers (for 2S 85" Microsoft Surface Hub)


    110-230V Integrated Power Supply


    Lifetime return-to-base
    UK Only: 5 years onsite, 1 engineer provided so requires assistance

More Information
OrientationLandscape / Portrait
Weight (kg)37.500000
Warranty5 years on site
Max. Load90.00 kg

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