Celexon Table Top Professional -  61cm x 46cm

Celexon Table Top Professional - 61cm x 46cm

Celexon Table Top Professional - 81 x 61cm

Celexon Table Top Professional screen - Ultra portable and lightweight - 81 x 61cm viewing area, 4:3 format, 40" diagonal

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The celexon table top Professional Mini screen is compact and ideal for mobile applications on a small scale. A clever and well thought out mechanism allows setup in seconds.

Key features:

- Viewing area: 81 x 61cm
- Black border (left and right)
- Black aluminium casing
- Ideal for short video and presentations with a 1.2 gain factor to enhance image quality
- Available in 4:3 or 16:9 formats
- Integrated feet

The thick fabric provides excellent flatness and has an integrated automatic retraction system. The Professional Mini screen has a gain factor of 1.2, ideal for presentations and video. Thanks to its opaque back backing, it is impervious to light and ensures a maximum brightness of your projection.

More Information
Viewing width (cm) 81
Viewing Height (cm) 61
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Diagonal (inches) 40
Borders - Left/Right (cm) 1
Fabric Type Matt White
Case Dimensions 6.5 x 96 x 3.5 cm
Weight (kg) 2.5000
Warranty 2 years RTB
EAN 4260094736346