Replacing a projector lamp is designed to be quick and easy; all you need is a screwdriver and cotton gloves or a soft micro fibre cloth.

As always, we strongly recommend checking your projector manual first for the full procedure as advised by the manufacturer.
Generally, the basic steps are as follows:


  1. If it's on, turn the projector off by pressing the Power button on the remote control or on the projector itself and allow the projector to cool down completely (40 to 60 minutes).
  2. Once the projector has cooled down, disconnect the power cable.
  3. If the projector is ceiling mounted, you may want to take the projector down and place it on a table so it is easier to swap the lamp.
  4. Remove the screw(s) securing the lamp compartment cover and slide and/or lift the cover away from the projector to expose the lamp.
  5. The lamp is secured inside the projector by retaining screw(s). Undo the screw(s) (they may not come all the way out of the lamp module, this is normal) and lift up the handle on the lamp if there is one.
  6. Holding the lamp handle or a raised section on the lamp, pull the lamp out carefully.
Steps on how to replace a projector lamp


As you prepare to install the new lamp, please use cotton gloves or a dry soft micro fibre cloth to handle it. Do not touch the bulb (glass part) with bare hands as natural oil from your fingers can be deposited on the glass and create hot spots which may cause the lamp to shatter in use.
If you accidentally touch the glass with your bare fingers, use the cloth to clean the bulb.

  1. Insert the new lamp inside the projector in the same orientation as the old lamp was. The lamp should slide in fairly easily. Push it in firmly but do not force it if you feel a lot of resistance.
  2. If there is a handle on the lamp, lower it.
  3. Tighten the lamp's retaining screw(s)
  4. Place the lamp compartment cover back on the projector and tighten its screw(s).
  5. Reconnect the power cable and turn the projector on.


Some projectors have a lamp counter that needs to be reset.
This is usually done in the projector menu but some projector models need a combination of buttons to be pressed at the same time or in a specific pattern to reset the lamp.
Check your projector manual for the correct procedure.

Once the lamp counter has been reset, you can continue to enjoy your projector as normal.
We hope this quick guide has been helpful but don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.